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Carriage & Wagon Drawings

We have carefully selected a diverse range of nearly 50 C&W drawings from our collection that can be downloaded to assist you with your modelling project.

Two sheets of paper on which a signwriter has very ornately painted 'Midland' (twice) and the numerals for First and Third Class

Recently discovered in the depths of Derby Museums' extensive collection, these two fragments of paper were evidently created to illustrate the lining and lettering style employed the Midland Railway: (88-2019-SC-002_A - 2.4Mb Jpg. 88-2019-SC-002_B - 626Kb Jpg). By clicking either link you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, as detailed below. Even if you are not a modeller, zooming into these images to reveal the intricacies of the sign writer's art is well worth your time.

The Midland Railway Carriage & Wagon Register
and Midland Railway Study Centre C & W Drawing Catalogue

If this is your first encounter with the Midland Railway's Carriage & Wagon Drawing Register, Andy Boothman - who is responsible for the hard work in making this database available electronically - has prepared an introduction to the subject. That page also contains a link to over four dozen hi-res C&W drawings that can be downloaded.


First, enter the search term you are interested in:

For example; "Crane" in the Description field of the Carriage & Wagon Register will produce good results
whereas "613" as a Drg. No. will return several results including 0613, 1613 etc.

Next, select the Register and Field you would like to search:
Note that it is only the THIRD COLUMN which will return results of drawings actually available in the Midland Railway Study Centre
Carriage & Wagon
MR Lots & Diagrams Study Centre
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In the event your intended use is outside the scope of these conditions, please contact the Study Centre Co-ordinator.

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