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Midland Railway
Ticket Offices and Agencies

Black & white image: A rather stern looking clerk stares at the camera while leaning on the counter of a Midland Railway ticket office

The Midland Railway Society is the custodian of the Roy F Burrows collection, a unique assembly of artefacts and archival material from the Midland Railway that was generously placed into an educational trust in 2000. Tickets form part of that collection and one section deals with those issued at town offices, agencies and other non-station issuing points.

David Geldard has made a lifelong study of tickets from the pre-grouping (pre-1923) railway companies of the United Kingdom and his records together with the Burrows collection have led to the creation of this document. References to the RFB Collection are given in the format [MRSC Item xxxxx] and can be searched-for through our on-line catalogue, or in person via the Midland Railway Study Centre housed in the Museum of Making at Derby's Silk Mill.

Acknowledgment must also be made of The Transport Ticket Society, an organisation tracing its origins back to 1946 and devoted to the study of tickets and fare collection methods. Its monthly Journal has been a useful source in the compilation of this study. Details of the Society can be obtained from the website

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Black & white image: a cavernous and grand wood panelled but deserted booking hall with a series of closed ticket windows with their privacy barriers in front