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Set out below are the Conditions applying to a visit to the Midland Railway Study Centre, as well as some general guidance which may assist. These conditions are designed to allow the holdings of the Study Centre to be made available to the public whilst ensuring their conservation and safety, not forgetting the health & safety of visitors and others in the building. Attention is particularly drawn to the final paragraph in respect of Copyright.

Visitors to the Midland Railway Study Centre who are not members of the Midland Railway Society will be subject to a £5 per visit levy for the use of a camera. We have chosen to impose this levy in order to generate a small income which we will reinvest in maintaining our reprographic equipment such as the large format scanner which requires regular servicing.

Whilst we are delighted to make the holdings of the Midland Railway Study Centre available to assist your research, you must understand that the safety and security of the archive material is of paramount importance. Consequently your access to the Study Centre as a Visitor is subject to these conditions.

Use of the Midland Railway Study Centre is strictly appointment only. Supervising Volunteers must be satisfied of a Visitor’s identity and address (by the production of photographic identification if requested). Access to the Study Centre will be denied if a Visitor's name and current address cannot be confirmed.

Visitors to the Study Centre will be required to sign in and out of the building. To comply with the Museum’s overall responsibly for evacuation and security procedures for the building, Visitors must follow all reasonable requests by Supervising Volunteers and Derby Museum Staff.

These articles are prohibited from the Study Centre:

These should not, wherever possible, be brought into the building as no responsibility can be accepted for Visitors' belongings.

These articles are permitted into the Reading Room:

Computers are provided in the Reading Room for Visitors to browse the Study Centre catalogue. Items will be produced on request by the Supervising Volunteers. Although at the discretion of the Volunteers concerned, as a general rule a Visitor will only be allowed one holding in their possession at a time. No productions can be made from the store whilst only one Volunteers is present.

Should a Visitor wish to inspect a three dimensional object, advance notice must be given. In such cases the object will be produced in such a way that the conflicting demands of access and conservation are best served. Should such a request be made without advance notice, compliance with the request is entirely at the discretion of the Curatorial staff within the Museum.

Responsibility for the safety of the holdings whilst the Study Centre is open rests, in the first instance, with the Supervising Volunteers, though this does not absolve the Visitors from their own responsibilities and appropriate tools & facilities will be provided. Study Centre Volunteers have absolute discretion to deny access to a document or object if they have reason to believe that further handling will result in harm. The movement of any of the holdings out of (and back in to) the store is subject to a paper audit. Nothing will be produced without an "Object Removed" slip being completed, though this is the responsibility of the Supervising Volunteers.

The Midland Railway Society library, and the John Alsop collection of facsimile Midland Railway postcards are available for browsing at Visitors’ leisure.

Visitors are encouraged to bring and freely use their own cameras on condition that the flash is disabled and subject to the payment of a £5 per visit levy. Where photography involves the use of tripods and other bulky accessories, prior arrangement must be made with the Study Centre Co-ordinator. Alternatively, an A4/A3 copier is available to Visitors (excepting unforeseen breakdowns), for which a charge of 10p per A4 copy or 20p per A3 will be levied. This device accepts USB sticks and SD cards, so visitors can scan items directly to their own media — for which there is no charge. If a document is physically larger than A3 or if, in the Supervising Volunteer’s judgement, a document is too fragile or unsuitable (the spines of books, for example) then photocopying will be denied. Scanning of documents of up to A4 can be undertaken by the Invigilator on behalf of visitors and copied to CD at a charge of £5 per CD. The only means of reproducing items larger than A3 or which are too fragile to photocopy, is by way of photography.

No member of staff or volunteer of the partner organisations which make up the Midland Railway Study Centre are empowered to give advice in respect of Copyright. It is the sole responsibility of an individual Visitor not to act in breach of applicable Copyright laws. Reproduction of any image (including photocopy, scan or photograph) of material in the Study Centre is subject to separate consent and conditions. Please apply to the Study Centre Coordinator. for details.

Study Centre Conditions (revised MAY2018).