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The Midland Railway Study Centre is a partnership of Derby Museums Trust and the Midland Railway Society. Contact information for both organisations is published on the front page of this site. Administration is handled by the Midland Railway Society and it is this organisation's Privacy and Data Protection Policy which encompasses the Midland Railway Study Centre.

Personal Data collected by the Midland Railway Study Centre is limited to the following:

In order to fulfil our function of assisting researchers, it is sometimes desirable to share correspondence within the three partner organisations. Such sharing is limited to the extent and frequency that is necessary and correspondence is anonymised unless the sender has explicitly consented otherwise.

If enquires received by the Midland Railway Study Centre are to be published as an appeal for information, contact details of the enquirer will be removed and the Study Centre Coordinator will act as the point of contact - unless the enquirer asks for their contact details to be published.

Personal data will not be communicated outside the three partner organisations without the specific and informed consent of the person concerned.

On the basis that learning about the Midland Railway is an ongoing process, with new knowledge always being acquired, correspondence and enquiries to the Midland Railway Study Centre are retained on an indefinite basis so that new relevant information to old enquiries can be communicated.

Web Site Privacy

This site only uses cookies when Midland Railway Society members log on to the private section of the site. Visitors who do not log on will not receive cookies from this site. We do not track users and do not host any advertising. High level web stats (i.e. numbers of hits) are collected from the server and not through users' browsers. Aggregated data is circulated to the Study Centre partners and may be published indirectly such as through AGM Minutes etc. No personally identifiable data is collected.


Video images are recorded throughout the Museum of Making, including inside the Railway Study Centre, for the purposes of crime prevention and security of staff and visitors. The Data Controller is Derby City Council.