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If this is your first encounter with the Midland Railway's Carriage & Wagon Drawing Register, Andy Boothman - who is responsible for the hard work in making this database available electronically - has prepared an introduction to the subject.

This remains a work in progress, the last data update is automatically noted at the bottom of the page.

First, enter the search term you are interested in:

For example; "Crane" in the Description field of the Carriage & Wagon Register will produce good results
whereas "613" as a Drg. No. will return several results including 0613, 1613 etc.

Next, select the Register and Field you would like to search:
Note that it is only the THIRD COLUMN which will return results of drawings actually available in the Midland Railway Study Centre
Carriage & Wagon
MR Lots & Diagrams Study Centre
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MR Drg. No. - Lot No. - MR Drg. No. -
LMS Drg. No. - Diagram No. -
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